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HonorVet.org is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Non-Partisan Organization

Our Mission:

To help Veterans to thrive in their lives after military service, with a holistic approach addressing employment & careers, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, and health & wellness.


According to a Harvard Medical School professor, "The rate of major depression is five times as high among soldiers as civilians,

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5 Things You Need to Know About HonorVet.org

1.We are still in development!

HonorVet.org is building a Next Generation Community for Veterans that is dedicated to creating a safe and trusted environment for Veterans, Service Members and their loved ones. Think of it like "Wikipedia meets LinkedIn" - with an array of services on top dedicated to enhancing their overall well

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Jesse Canella

Chief Executive Officer / Co - Founder

Jesse Canella serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of HonorVet.org. Canella founded HonorVet.org is 2010 as part of his dedication to give back to the veteran's community.

Canella is a nationally recognized social entrepreneur and has been involved in a number of startups and technology companies. Prior to 2015, Canella joined one of

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HonorVet Today

We are starting with an initial focus on Employment and Careers. We are doing this for several reasons.

  • With over 21% of Veterans unemployed, this is an urgent priority.
  • There are many immediate and concrete ways that our volunteers and corporate partners can help address this challenge.
  • It is a good initial model for launching and refining our
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Cindy McCain

Cindy Hensley McCain has dedicated her life to improving the lives of those less fortunate both in the United States and around the world. A native Arizonan, mother of four, and wife of U.S. Senator John McCain, Cindy McCain is known for lending her time and talent to increase awareness of international charity organizations and the work that

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The stresses of combat present a set of challenges that many of our veterans struggle to overcome when they return home. These challenges are often compounded by the difficult transition faced by many who shift from military-life to civilian-life.

In addition to the longer wait times at mental healthcare facilities, our veterans struggle to manage emotional difficulties that present themselves

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  • HonorVet and "The Grand Day Out" Join Forces Across The Atlantic To Support US & UK Veterans +

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK – March 1st, 2016 – US military non-profit ‘HonorVet.org,’ and UK military campaign ‘The Grand Day Out,’ are joining forces today to enable military veterans and wounded service members from the United States and the United Kingdom to come together to create a new global network that supports military members injured in battle and veterans struggling to assimilate Read More
  • HonorVet Donates Home to Wounded Marine +

    HonorVet collaborated with an anonymous donor and The Celebrate Freedom Foundation to donate a house to severely wounded Afghanistan Veteran in March 2013. The City of Giddings and the Giddings Area Chamber of Commerce presented US Marine Corporal Sean Friedrich and his wife Anna with their brand new home at 11:00am on March 2nd at a special ceremony that included Read More
  • Honorvet Sends Veterans to British Open in St. Andrews +

    Honorvet collaborated with Eric Trump and the Eric Trump Foundation to send some American Veterans to St. Andrews for the Open this year to enjoy the tournament and associated events with wounded UK service members. The group was led by Jesse Canella, Honorvet's Founder and CEO. Said Jesse: "UK service members are going through many of the same challenges US Read More
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Stars and Stripes Veterans

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  • German native thanks America for food, support after World War II
    FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (Tribune News Service) — Dietmar Weselin was only 3 when American planes dropped bombs on his German town—and seared horrifying images into his memory. “I can still see all the burning bricks, and I can still smell all those decaying bodies,” said Weselin, who turns 75 in August. “The whole town was destroyed. There was not one house standing.”
  • Veterans in Iowa praise VA system at town hall meeting with congressman
    “I just want to say something positive about the VA,” said Cathy Mrazek of Coralville, who served as an Army military policewoman for 12 years. “There’s not enough credit give to the VA for everything they do for veterans.”
  • VA privatization debate to hinge on coming report
    The coming week could be a watershed moment in the volatile debate over privatizing more health care at the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Jesse Canella and Jim McCain live on MSNBC to talk about HonorVet.org

HonorVet Mission: Get Military Vets Back To Work

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Military Veteran News, Media and Information
  • Lawmakers add the needs of veterans, youth homeless to state budget plan
    Lawmakers have added earmarks for helping veterans and youth who are on California's streets to a high-profile effort expected to become part of the new state budget by the end of the week.
  • Weymouth scout salutes veterans with new honor wall
    A well-worn wooden town honor wall that listed the names of Weymouth residents that have served in the military during armed conflicts since 1991 has been replaced with a red brick structure by a contingent of Boy Scouts and volunteers under the direction of Brendan Quinn, 16, a Troop 9 scout.
  • Dispatches from Wolf Country — Plan? We don’t need no stinking plan!
    It was one of those mornings when there were so many car crashes at the same time it was hard to know where to look. — John Crace, “The Politics Sketch” The Guardian, June 26, 2016 Last week was a great time for smart articles by relatively seriously smart people as well as blithering idiots, […]